The patriarch of Full Circle Academy is Dr. L. A. Fusco, 7th Degree Black Belt 
Dr. Fusco has over 50 years experience in Martial Arts study and practical application.  He received training in military jiu-jitsu from a former drill instructor while working as an orderly at a mental hospital.  The combination of serious training coupled with the necessity of practical application set the tone for Dr. Fusco's philosophy.

Dr. Fusco holds 7th degree Black Belt in Jiu-jitsu & a 5th in Karate.  His medical training has been instrumental in researching body mechanics, strengths, weakness, and specialty areas such as cranial and cervical nerves/ pressure points, and fight or flight responses.

Dr. Fusco still participates regularly in the daily training at Full Circle Academy, including being the lead instructor in his cane class, which is an original self-defense program that has won recognition at martial arts competitions.

Professor Mark Fusco is the head instructor of Full Circle Academy, 6th Degree Black Belt
Prof. Mark began training with his father at age six.  By age ten, he began formal training with Master Gene Cross in Ronin GoJu Karate.  This training culminated in a 3rd degree Black Belt.  

At the Naval Academy, Professor lettered on the Academy Martial Arts Team, while becoming team captain and the co-instructor of the Naval Academy’s Club.  His pedigree includes receiving instruction from a veritable who’s who of world class martial artists, (including three members of the Black Belt Hall of Fame – Prof. Wally Jay, Prof. Remy Presas and GM George Dillman.) 

The Professor holds a 6th degree Black Belt in Jiu-jitsu, and  also a 4th degree Black Belt in Ryukyu Kempo.   He is also a certified instructor in Edged Weapons Defense and holds an Apprentice Instructorship in Arnis. Further, he is a certified instructor in Contemporary Jeet Kune Do under Paul Vunak, instructor to SEAL Team 6. Professor Mark founded Full Circle Academy to share his knowledge and help others while continuing his own growth and pursuit of a higher self.

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