We’re in the business of changing lives. We give you the physical and mental power to reach your goals in life.

We offer complete programs for kids, teens, and adults that:
  • Develop greater discipline, focus and respect 
  • Create confidence from real achievement and the ability to defend yourself
  • 88% of students reported an end to bullying
  • Over 46% of our parents report higher grades within 2 months 

We offer: Jiu-jitsu, anti-bullying, self-defense and weapons training.  Call and ask about a free introductory lesson.  863 - 491 - KICK (5425)

Our focus is on self-defense and personal growth. When you visit a class you may see students engaged in sparring, grappling, throwing practice, learning a new kick, or participating in a self-defense scenario for realistic training. All of these skills are woven together in the process of achieving a Black Belt.
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